Measure 26-201 to Tax Sales Makes Portland Less Affordable

Measure 26-201, a gross receipts tax, raises the price of everyday essentials and makes Portland less affordable

The skyrocketing cost of living here in Portland is already making the city unaffordable for many residents. Every survey of Portlanders reveals that the top issues they want to address are housing and homelessness. Yet, this initiative does nothing to bring our community closer to a solution on these chronic problems or make the city more affordable. On the contrary, it creates a huge new tax that will raise the cost of everyday goods and services for Portland residents since businesses will simply pass the tax along to consumers. Measure 26-201 will only make it harder for low-income families and those on fixed incomes to make ends meet.

Addressing climate change is one of the great callings of our time, and we must reverse the damage being done to our planet. But every Portland household and business already pays a 6 percent fee on their electricity bill to fund renewable energy and energy efficiency projects and other programs aimed at reducing climate change. While we share the goal of addressing climate change, we don’t see a need to hit businesses and residents twice for these programs when Portland is already becoming unaffordable for so many residents.

The goals of addressing climate change and improving communities that have been left out of Portland’s economic growth are both laudable, and we support them. But Portland residents need relief from higher costs, and Measure 26-201 would only make their struggle harder.

Illustration of of Measure 26-201 Affordability

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