Why the Measure to Create a Tax on Retailers is Bad for Portland

A Tax on Retailers Makes Portland Less Affordable

As housing costs in the City of Portland rise and families feel the squeeze of monthly mortgage and rent bills, our solutions should focus on making life easier on them. That’s not what Measure 26-201 will do. It will raise the cost of goods and services sold in the City by tens of millions of dollars every year by creating a tax on retailers, making it even harder for Portlanders to make ends meet.

Taxing the retail sales of many Portland businesses will have the biggest impact on families who can least afford to pay more: low-income households, seniors, and those living on fixed incomes. That’s because everyday essentials—such as grocery items, clothing, phone service, and internet access—will all cost more.

Measure 26-201 will cost $79 million, click here to read the study by ECONorthwest.


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