Affordability is Crucial to Making Portland Livable

Vote No on Measure 26-201, a Tax on Portland Sales
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Vote No on Measure 26-201, a Tax on Portland Sales. Keep Portland affordable.

Measure 26-201 creates a tax on the sale of many goods and services within the City of Portland. While supporters claim the tax will be paid by businesses, it will simply be passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices. Portland is becoming unaffordable, and a new tax on sales will only make it harder to make ends meet.

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Top Three Reasons Measure 26-201 as a Tax On Sales Impacts Affordability

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#1: Makes Portland Less Affordable

Measure 26-201, as a new tax on sales, will cost Portland residents tens of millions of dollars every year. At a time when people are struggling to pay mortgages and rent, increasing the cost of everyday goods and services like grocery items, phone service and internet access only makes it more difficult for people to stay and live here.
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#2: Already Pay a Fee to Combat Climate Change

Addressing climate change is one of the great callings of our time. We must reverse the damage being done to our planet. But, Portland businesses and residents already pay a 6 percent fee on their electricity bills to fund renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. Portlanders can’t afford Measure 26-201, and be hit twice to fund the same effort.
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#3: Need to Address Housing

Portland is in the middle of a housing and homelessness crisis, and Measure 26-201 does nothing to address it. Instead, it taxes Portland consumers tens of millions of dollars every year to address an issue for which they’re already paying. We need to focus on keeping Portland affordable by addressing our housing crisis.

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