Portland Affordability: It all adds up

Portland is becoming unaffordable; Measure 26-201, a tax on Portland sales, will make it worse.

The high cost of housing is impacting Portland affordability for many residents. If we want to have an inclusive, diverse city, then we need to stay focused on how we make it affordable for all residents, not just those who will never be priced out. That’s why we oppose Measure 26-201 to tax Portland sales.

Measure 26-201 will impose a gross receipts tax on certain sales in the City of Portland, and this tax will simply be passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices on everyday items. Making it harder to make ends meet by driving up the cost of grocery items, clothing, phone and internet service, and other essentials takes our community in the wrong direction. Worse, it hits hardest those who can least afford it: low-income households, seniors, and people living on fixed incomes.